Spotting talent.
We do it everyday.


…for the last two decades in Japan, we have been doing it every day.
Through the dot-com bubble of the late 90’s, the 9/11 tragedy, the Lehman shock, the heart rendering 3/11 earthquake, through Abenomics…we have kept an unflinching, unerring eye for talent in Japan in our core areas.

The lesson learnt is that there is no secret to effective talent spotting. Like most great arts there is a science to it. A science based on data collected, verified and analyzed consistently and repeatedly over time.
As a result, some of the world’s greatest investment banks, asset managers, insurance, consulting and pharmaceutical companies trust us to keep spotting talent every day.


We believe honesty, integrity and accuracy of information are the cornerstones of our business and reputation. We believe in "Putting People First". This allows us to have clarity of thought and action when engaging with our clients' and candidate’s. We believe in being the best rather than the biggest. The focus in our core recruitment sectors is deep, we strive to set the industry standards for quality recruitment.

We reach professionals through confidential introductions and dedicated research. We conduct detailed interviews and background checks to confirm the credibility of our data.
The majority of our candidates are hard to find and reach, bilingual candidates in Japan.


  • Asset Management Asset Management
    Asset Management
  • Investment Banking Investment Banking
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical

Within Asset Management we focus on Front Office (sales, CRM, product development and portfolio management) and Back Office (compliance, IT, finance, and operations).
Our consultants have a deep understanding of the fiduciary responsibility that market participants need to have while balancing and achieving the commercial goals of the business

Within Banking we have two teams focused on Front Office (primary and secondary markets) and Back Office (audit, compliance, finance, operations, and IT) respectively. We have a strong record of success with investment banks operating in Japan. We have consistently been ranked by our clients in market surveys as a leader in our field.

We focus in the areas of Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting, Technology Consulting and Digital. From Financial Services, Automotive, to Life Sciences we cover all core industries and services to support our clients most critical hiring needs to drive their businesses forward.

Within the Insurance industry, we specialize in both life and non-life areas. We help our clients identify, attract and hire accomplished talent working in business critical roles (actuarial, sales and marketing, IT/digital, finance, and operations) in the industry in Japan

Within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry here at Shahani Associates, we help our clients identify, attract and hire accomplished talents involved with the discovery, development and commercialization of treatment drugs for the Japan and international markets.


Shahani Associates was founded in Japan in 2005 with a vision of assessing, recruiting and training top-level human capital for our clients in Japan.

Licensed by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we execute both contingent and retained search ranging from middle management to executive posts within our core areas.

Shahani Associates strives to be ahead of the market in industry knowledge and demands a high level of ethical and moral judgment from our consultants in order to exceed our client's expectations.


Vik brings close to 20 years experience in recruitment, training and HR consulting to his clients in Japan. He established Shahani Associates Ltd in 2005.
The aim is to partner with clients to become the preferred supplier and enhancer of their business critical talent based on research driven market data.
In addition to managing the firm, Vik services the recruitment needs of the banking and finance community in Tokyo covering banks, securities firms, asset managers, real-estate and hedge funds.


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Toranomon, Minato Ward. Tokyo 105-0001
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